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A woman will come to your aid - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, December 10, 2020

Venus's influence brings a special energy when it comes to money matters, which will keep you on your toes


The entrance of the moon in your sign brings emotional energies that will be felt from the second you wake up. You’ll experience your feelings with the intensity which characterizes your sign, especially those born in the first decan will fervently express their needs to their partner or even relatives.

An encounter with a woman who is very dear to you is likely to be magical and to soothe the sorrows of those who are going through a rough patch. Whether it’s a mother, sister or friend, the support and kind words they give you will be the best balm for Scorpio’s soul.

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Money will be at the forefront of Scorpio’s thoughts this Thursday. You might be paid in cash for a sale or service, and you’ll be afraid of having been given counterfeit money. You might have grown unaccustomed to handling banknotes after using digital money for so long. Ask for the help of an employee of merchant who can tell a real banknote from a counterfeit one.

You might have come into some money: an inheritance or the pay-out of an insurance policy, and for this reason, you might be currently worried about your finances. Don’t wrack your brains reading about investments and ask for the advice of someone who understand the tendencies of international finances, perhaps a stockbroker or a business investor might help you evaluate the best operation for the future. It’s a period where your relationship with money will be negatively affected.


The astral influences can give your Thursday a melancholy tone through physical manifestations. The anxiety generated by certain problems in your daily life will affect your digestive system. Your bowels might be irritable and prone to cramps.

Opt for mild foods. Butternut squash pure, apple smoothies and linden infusions will help you.

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