Scorpio Saturday on a sky background with shooting stars

Your sensuality and affection stand out - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, April 10, 2021

Feelings and sensations will predominate over thoughts and reason


The people around you will feel pulled towards you, Scorpio. You're currently a magnet for relationships. Both friendship and romance will happen naturally right now.

There’s a build-up of astral energy in Aries which unfolds with a vibration very akin to your energy, Scorpio. For this reason, you feel comfortable expressing your sensuality with intensity and vigour.

The stars push you to leave aside your rationality and follow your intuition. If you’re trying to sort out a conflict with a loved one, you’ll probably have to leave the past aside and listen to the beat of your heart. The mind isn’t always the best adviser, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.


You’re going through a good season at work. If they offer you to go on a trip or to have a transfer, don’t turn it down before first evaluating the potential benefits of this change.

There is good news linked to professional matters for many Scorpios.

If you’re currently unemployed, Mercury in your area of employment describes the possibility of receiving an email or phone call to invite you to start working next week.


This is a very positive day in the wellbeing and health of the sign of the scorpion. You’ll feel whole, optimistic and desirous to feel better each day, and this feeling will probably make you seek a change in your appearance.

Perhaps you’ll change your hairstyle, or you’ll look for a product to help you improve the appearance of your skin. Going to a stylist will be the best way of discovering this season’s fashion trends. 

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