Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

A shower of arrows from Cupid falls on your heart - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, September 1, 2020

For everything to go well, control your aggressive impulses when faced with unforeseen circumstances


Scorpio, with the arrival of the moon in the dreamy sign of Pisces, you’ll feel Cupid has hit the bull’s eye with your arrows.  It’s important that you understand that no everyone experiences their emotions the same way you do. Or that they’re not as in tune with your feelings: your emotions and feelings are your own.

Your infatuation and feelings are your own and you don’t have to answer to anyone for them.

A friend might ask you to listen to them. Try to connect with what your loved ones are going through, and maybe help them in any way you can.


Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will protect you from Capricorn with its positive flow during this Tuesday, giving your income a boost.

You might be able to spend more than planned or projected for this month. It’s time to evaluate more confidently the possibility of acquiring an expensive item which is important for your quality of life.

Don’t hesitate too much. Venus in Cancer makes a good trigone aspect with the moon and your sun and, for this reason, today you have a sweet material boost. Change your outlook on abundance. If you trust, you clear the way for a better financial life.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 3. This number invites you to discover the creative energy which emanates in every act of your life and which, often, you don’t take into account. You don’t need to prove your strength to anyone, just focus on your personal power and enjoy the moment.

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Today the stars indicate a tendency towards anger and annoyance over trivialities.  Irritability and annoyance might arise in the face of the smallest provocation, leading to a useless and harmful state of anger. Be careful, Scorpio.

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