The Scorpio sign

You'll have an excellent idea - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, March 1, 2021

Perhaps you didn't know how to sort out a financial matter, so you'll thank the stars for the inspiration


The month of March brings, on its first day, an astral flow which will benefit Scorpios.  The wonders of love awaken an exquisite sensitivity and make room for unparalleled feelings.

You’ll feel like your heart is bursting from knowing you’re loved by the person you’ve chosen to share your life with and wake up every morning next to. From all the signs you’re one of the most benefited by the astral aspects of Venus, which offers you its romantic imprint from the zodiac’s area of relationships and creativity.

If you’re currently single, then a very important relationship in your life is probably about to start. You’ll meet someone very special who will leave a mark on your soul.

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You’ll have to be very clever with your professional matters, as something might leave you vulnerable.

Danger might come to your financial life and you won’t want anything to jeopardize your domestic finances. You’ll want to keep your home protected from losses and this could require some resources. Perhaps paying from insurance against theft or improving the security system. You know well that being careful can save you from bigger problems.

If you’re currently unemployed, then today you’re likely to have a great business idea which would be very easy to execute. Take out your notepad and write down every single detail that comes into your mind. Today’s idea will be tomorrow’s success.


Thanks to the beneficial astral rays, Scorpios will have a very balanced health, if they leave aside negative thoughts and make room for happiness and optimism.

Staying rooted in the present can favour your current mood.

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