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Being controlling won't do you any favours - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, July 1, 2020

You'll have to trust the judgement of those around you in order to avoid unnecessary conflict


Scorpio, today you’ll have to be careful with your controlling tendencies.  Your rigidity and need to have everything under control will make you clash with people around you who won’t take this attitude of yours kindly.

It’s not possible to have everything done your way or under your strict supervision. You’re not letting anyone breathe...

If you can’t find a way to restrain this controlling and distrustful tendency, you’ll have to endure the loneliness this behaviour will generate in your life. You’ll receive all the opposite of what you want: distance and silence.

You must learn to trust in other people’s processes. Even if you know better ways of doing thing, each person has their own way, respecting this is vital in your relationships. Before you say anything, take a deep breath.

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You might feel you’re not passionate about your job, that you just do it to bring home the bacon, or because it gives you an income or professional prestige, which you like better than the activity itself. This might not be entirely true; it could be just a feeling caused by fatigue and monotony. Think about it carefully and don’t share this with your colleagues or co-workers, for you might create problems for yourself.

In all aspects you’ll be under a restrictive influence which doesn't benefit you. Let go of that control and let the air in.

Today’s lucky number is 47, and it’s a matter of recognizing your effort and giving yourself the possibility of enjoying, Scorpio. If you’re thinking of expanding professionally, this number gives you the indication that you’re being protected so you can grow in any direction you like.


Your energy levels will be very good this Wednesday. You’ll feel great, although come nightfall, you won’t have as much energy as you’d like to. You’ll have to postpone that dinner with friends or family gathering.