The sign of Scorpio with a black starred background

Open up your heart - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, January 1, 2021

Having a truce will be the way to find understanding again with a loved one


Too much dialogue won’t always bring solutions, Scorpio. Today words seem to carry a more destructive than positive power. You need to learn to negotiate and understand the other person’s point of view. Thinking that if someone’s not with you, they’re against you, only leads to solitude and discord.

The stars indicate too much activity at home, in your family, complications with siblings might be the cause of an ugly situation lived with your parents or the rest of the family.

Listen from your heart and not from a place of anger. Let the light of joy come in and the knowledge that there are no enemies, just people with different opinions. It’s about maturity and evolution, Scorpio.

If you're currently married, you might experience annoying moments where your parter will demand a lot and won’t understand your emotional needs.

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion is going through your area of the home and which will significantly improve all matters pertaining to your home and the welfare of your family. Don’t hesitate to purchase a more comfortable couch, hire a new service or improve the premises. These goals are very important right now.  Living a more comfortable life is a part of prosperity.

Venus guarantees that your desires will be fulfilled. You might need to boast your wealth to the world by buying luxury items or services. This can get you into a problem in the future.   


Today Scorpios will feel their digestion is slow and heavy.  You’re likely to have overeaten during the new year festivities. A chamomile and lemon juice infusion can relieve your discomfort.

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