The Scorpio sign

You're a magnet for love - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, February 1, 2021

In the face of adversity and conflict, you'll take the chance to trust in your partner's understanding


Scorpio, your magnetism and sensuality increase thanks to the current astral aspects, for this reason people will feel attracted to you, and this situation could annoy your partner. Jealousy is a normal reaction, however, controlling attitudes should have no room within your relationship.

You’re likely to need to make some space between you, enjoying love shouldn’t be a daily reason for arguments and distrust.  Minimizing the invasion of each other’s privacy will open up a space of reflection, to know your romantic ideals.

In another order of things, your family will be very demanding this Monday. You’ll need an extra dose of energy to accompany a very dear relative who is going through a rough patch.

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This Monday the stars bring an overload of work for Scorpio. The day will start with some problems which you’ll have to solve patiently and skilfully.

Expressing your bad mood through outbursts can give you a bad image, temper tantrums aren’t tolerated amongst adults and a childish reaction will disqualify you in a matter that you really care about.

A woman in your professional environment who is willing yo lend you her aid could be a good source of support for you. Lean on her if you feel you need to.

Don’t lose your positive mindset. You’re very creative and you can face any problem skilfully and intelligently.


This Monday the stars indicate that you might suffer mental health problems. A tendency to see the glass half-empty might cause you discomfort which could be avoided by focusing on kind thoughts towards yourself.

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