The Scorpio sign with a blue background

You might be facing deceit - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The attitude with which you face reality will be key, if you want to be master of your own energy


No matter how well you think you know the other person, this isn’t always the case, Scorpio. Your sagacious personality isn’t always enough to detect the scammers that might come into your life when you least expect it and give the coup de grace which topples your love life.

You’re one of those people who attract the envy of unimaginable opponents. Perhaps you considered someone a good friend and, all of a sudden, you’ll receive information which confirms the opposite.

You have great patience which, in this occasion, will help you overcome conflicts in your love life. Venus on your sign will protect you, especially if you were born in the second Decan.

Scorpios might see their sex life eclipsed by problems which are completely out of their hands. How quickly a solution you find will depend on whether you can keep a positive attitude.

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Your financial matters might be affected by discordant energies which will have minor, yet annoying, consequences.

Either way, you shouldn’t worry as you’ll be able to overcome them. The time has come for you to prove that you’ve reached your limit. Try to express yourself clearly and be flexible for any proposals you receive.

The astral energy is dense during the beginning of the month, you’ll have to protect your aura. You can use talismans or incense. At home or at work you can do a small energy cleanse ritual by burning powerful herbs, burn frankincense, rosemary and benzoin. You’ll feel yourself reborn, the air will be lighter, your romantic matters will flow in a more agile and faster manner.


Try to have more orderly habits in order to maintain a balanced health.  Your body will stay healthy if you eat enough vegetables and good quality proteins, and rest at least eight hours a day. No amount of money can buy wellbeing.

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