Your Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Monday, August 1, 2022

Scorpio, it's the last days of hard work before a well-deserved rest


Scorpio, your horoscope predicts a time of adventure, but also of peace. You'll travel to some places you've never seen before and to some that are familiar to you.

And you'll have a special company by your side to share these experiences. They'll also accompany you in moments of peace and quiet that will make you feel butterflies in your stomach. And the best part: it's only the beginning!

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The Daily Horoscope sees that this month will put your budget to the test, Scorpio. Travel and discoveries will unfortunately be hard on your finances. However, you'll enjoy them and they won't make you feel bad.

Now you'll be grateful for the stars' past advice to save as much money as possible. In any case, it's only a small blip that won't last, but that doesn't mean you have to spend it all.


Scorpio, this month you'll enjoy a well-deserved holiday that you've been planning for a long time. Lie down, relax, and indulge yourself because you've fought hard these last months for this time of peace.

However, before you get to that holiday, you'll have a few last days of intense work. Don't panic, these are the last few days before the period of refreshment and rest. The star shower will wash away whatever stress you have left.


Scorpio, the Horoscope for these days warns that days of excesses are approaching. So you'll have to be careful about what you eat.

It is not a question of quantity, but rather of quality. Avoid unhealthy foods, and go for the best. As much as possible, demand local products: your body will thank you for it.