Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

Professional progress will be the best adventure - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, August 1, 2020

You won't be afraid of anything when it comes to professional matters, you'll be willing to learn


You’ll be under an astral influence which brings you benefits and pleasant surprises in your personal live. It’s important that you have the shrewdness to keep your personal matters strictly private, Scorpio.

Don’t let the interference of some of some envious people cause losses or fights with your beloved.  Love shines in your eyes and the achievements you celebrate are the product of your strength and passion. You have a lot to offer this Saturday.

The moon in Capricorn will bring into your life the help of an older person who comes to solve a family conflict. Their good advice, or the important information they’ll provide, will be key to detangle a mess of discord and division.

If you’re a single Scorpio, accepting an invitation will be the best choice to have fun and dispel the ghosts of melancholy.


There are good movements in your financial life. The creative strength of Mars in Aries in a good relation to the sun in your professional area will give you good tools to reach your goals today.

You have the courage to face many challenging situations and to turn your finances around.

This Monday’s lucky number for your sign is 5. This magical number asks you to rest and take into account all the aspects of your being. That part of yourself which keeps its feet on the ground needs to be recharged with your heart’s energy. This way you’ll be more complete, and you’ll nurture your professional life with optimism and beauty.

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If you’re suffering from discomfort, be careful with following the suggestions of people who know nothing of medicine. You might get food poisoning, or your symptoms might get worse.  Stress often causes pain which is of no consequence and which gets better with some rest.

Listen to the messages your body sends you.

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