Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope: February 20th - 26th, 2023

Sagittarius, allow yourself to get carried away

Sagittarius, let your Weekly Horoscope surprise you with its predictions. Read it now to find out how lucky you'll be over the next few days.


Sagittarius, these days will be especially rewarding in the love sphere.

Your sentimental partner will be your best guide in learning to enjoy yourself. Join their plans and let yourself be carried away by the emotions that you perceive in every moment.

If you're single, this doesn't mean that you can't rejoice in the small details offered by the universe. Go out and see the world and interact with new faces every day. Your other half might be among them.

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The Weekly Horoscope knows that you'll vibe very high in the economic sphere, Sagittarius. The stars will favor the balance that you maintain in different aspects of your existence. You could find the necessary keys to achieve and maintain the stability you have long sought.

However, keep in mind that it all takes some effort. You'll have to make daily sacrifices in order to extend the balance between income and expenses as much as possible. You won't give up easily!


Sagittarius, your Horoscope predicts a certain discordance in the work environment. Although the situation is going relatively well at work, you don't perceive it that way.

You should know that, in this case, your own mind is betraying you. Don't let these negative ideas affect you. They're only intrusive thoughts.

Instead, learn to question any idea that doesn't sound right in your head. You know yourself, so trust yourself.


Your Horoscope predicts that your friends will be pleasantly surprised if you decide to take the initiative, Sagittarius.

From time to time, it's good to take on the role of leader within your circle. It'll make them very happy if you take the trouble to plan gatherings together.


Sagittarius, you need to be more objective when you look in the mirror. Instead of focusing on the small details, you should appreciate your overall physical condition. You know you can be happy with the way you look.