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Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius for 9 - 15 May, 2022

Sagittarius, it's time to be honest


Sagittarius, the stars announce a busy week in the area of love. You'll have to face certain conflicts or deep conversations. Whatever the case, the stars will be with you and will give you all the calm and empathy you need to solve it.

Use this favourable energy to lay your cards on the table. Expose all your needs and your doubts. This is how all your relationships will be strengthened.


The Weekly Horoscope encourages you to reclaim a long-owed debt. You're very generous, which is undoubtedly a great virtue, but you shouldn't be taken advantage of.

If you're not given back what you lent, now is the time to ask for it. Remember that you can do this with all the diplomacy in the world. You won't need to push too hard, Sagittarius.


Sagittarius, the Weekly Horoscope announces a complicated week at work. You'll have to do your best to cope with the challenges and workload. In addition, there could be some particularly uncomfortable situations these days.

Your Horoscope recommends you don't lose your temper. Try to act always with common sense. Listen to what your workmates or superiors have to tell you.

This isn't the first time that you face difficult times at work. That's why you'll know perfectly well how to respond and how to react.


Your Weekly Horoscope conveys calm in the area of health. It seems that this week comes with great balance between body and mind. This will let you meet all your goals.

Your body will accompany you and so will your mood! You're definitely going through a good moment. Just make the most of it and enjoy it for as long as you can, Sagittarius.

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