Sagittarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

You can expect this to be your best week – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 5 - 11 October 2020

Trust your ability to love again and let your fabulous intuition guide you this week


Sagittarius, you can say you’re lucky this first week of October – at least when it comes to the affairs of the heart! You will enjoy plenty of romantic moments with your partner as long as you don’t let your pride control you. This would be a big mistake and could ruin everything you’ve got up to the moment.

If you’re thinking about having children, maybe this is the week you will make such a decision. With the passing of days, your love story will only get better and better and just the tiniest effort will have wonderful consequences.

If you’re single, this will be one of the luckiest weeks in October. All the energies of love will be by your side. Trust your ability to love again and let your fabulous intuition guide you this week.

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It will be a week full of opportunities for professional change. Maybe you will change jobs, careers, or positions in your company.

This Is possible as long as you control your temper – you know it can be a little bit explosive sometimes. If you make an effort, try to be diplomatic, and keep your cool, you will meet all your objectives.

Sagittarius who works as public relations for a company or art, you will be particularly lucky. Sagittarius who works in any other field will still be able to make their dream come true and manifest the type of job they’ve always wanted to do.

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You will have a true interest in your health and you will try to be coherent with it. This means that you will be more careful when looking after your body and mind.

The Stars favour you and will give you the strength and energy to stay in shape but you know that you are the one who has to make the first movement to make things happen. You will be more concerned about the way you look but you won’t forget your emotional development.

Sagittarius, you should remember that this week you have to focus on what you really want. Focusing on what we wish will give you better results than focusing on what you don’t wish.