The Sagittarius sign in black on a sky background

This week will be interesting for your love life – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 4 - 10 January 2021

Your personal experiences will add to the positive news in your professional life and will create a wonderful week


This week's prediction for Sagittarius reveals that these days will be very lucky for those natives who are in a relationship. You will enjoy complicity and a great connection between you two. You're very likely to start making plans for your future.

However, some natives will become somehow apathetic by the middle of the week. This will make your partner feel resented but luckily they will let you know before there's a problem. You need to look after your partner if you want the flame to keep burning!

If you're single, you will have a very interesting week when it comes to your love life. You're very likely to live really passionate moments. By the end of the week, you will have to make an important decision that could change your love life completely!

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Everything is ready for you to succeed in your career. You only need to pay more attention to details and take advantage of every opportunity when you have it. You need to be awake and careful in order to meet your goals.

Your natural intelligence will help you solve any setback you encounter. This will help you in the area of finances because you could go through a complicated time. But don't worry, Sagittarius, because this won't be a very serious problem.

Your wit will be the key that will get you closer to your objectives. This will be particularly true for those who are self-employed and need to be outstanding in comparison to their rivals. It will be crucial in order to carry on with the business.


This will be a very positive week in terms of health. The natives who suffered from an illness or condition will finally heal. Your energy will be very good and this will help you get better sooner.

Your determination will also play a very important role this week. This will help you give up some unhealthy habits or start introducing new healthier habits in your routine.

Sagittarius, you will be in a generally good mood. This will help you reinforce this new point of view you have regarding your well-being. You will feel a considerable physical and psychological improvement.

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