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Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope for 30 May - 5 June, 2022

Sagittarius, don't repress your desire to start that adventure


Sagittarius, the Weekly Horoscope says that these days you could be more sensitive than usual. You want those around you to be nice to you. 

It's usually you who has the role of raising the spirits and being supportive. However, you also need this accompaniment so that your self-esteem stays healthy.

Don't be ashamed to admit this need – it's perfectly human, logical and healthy. If you feel like it, ask for affection when you need it.


The Weekly Horoscope reminds you that economic progress is always slow, Sagittarius. It's difficult to have a sudden spike in income. However, if you manage your finances responsibly and carefully, you'll see results gradually.

Consistency and regularity will guarantee financial success. If you manage to save a little each month, you'll probably be able to treat yourself to a holiday.


Sagittarius, the Weekly Horoscope encourages you to continue working as you've been doing. Your work environment is happy with you because you're efficient, responsible and trustworthy.

You may sometimes find it difficult to keep up the pace. That's why you could be fantasising about looking for other opportunities. It won't hurt you if you keep searching for options.

Keep in mind that all that you do for your benefit will bring you a little closer to success. This is the happiness you're looking for.


Your Weekly Horoscope recommends you don't suppress your desire for novelties. If you feel like trying a new sport or learning a new skill, don't think twice!

Don't let fear, embarrassment or shyness stop you, Sagittarius. Follow your instinct!

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