The sign of Sagittarius on a colourful sky background

You could create long-lasting bonds – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 25 - 31 January 2021

A new Sagittarius will rise from their ashes in order to recover their empathy and charm


Sagittarius, the Stars predict various events regarding the affairs of the heart. On the one hand, you will have the chance to explore your sexuality as a way of self-discovery and growth.

On the other hand, you will be more empathic and this will bring you closer to your partner and loved ones – friends included. You will be able to create long-lasting bonds and you could even experience the joy of love again!

If you're single, you will have different chances to fall in love. You just need to choose the right person because you could start a long-distance relationship which will start mixing reality and fantasy dangerously.

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This week, you will have to become a leader at work. You will be very good at it but it will force you to make important decisions. One of these decisions will be not gossiping about other workmates.

Your ambition could awaken these days. This won't be negative as long as you respect those around you. The best way of succeeding in your career is by being impeccable in your actions  and never affect anybody negatively.

If you work in the field of arts or you deal with art pieces, Mercury will help you succeed in all your deals this week. If you're working in another field, your career will also be boosted but to a lesser extent.


This week, you will feel generally good. Your energy levels will be correct as long as you continue watching your diet and exercising your body.

As for your emotions, you will recover your sense of humour and you're very likely to help those around you. Try not to live other people's problems as if they were yours. They could drain your energy and leave you empty without giving you anything in return.

Sagittarius, your personal path is evolving. Now more than ever, you will feel like retreating at home and be in peace. However, this will only be for a brief period of time because your friends will insist on meeting you.

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