Sagittarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

You're getting closer to a general improvement – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 August 2020

The family situation you’re about to live might be painful but you need to experience it in order to grow


Sagittarius, you will begin this week with a rather confused attitude regarding love. However, you will soon receive the positive influence of the Stars that will attract interesting people in your life and will let your experience a karmic relationship. This karmic relationship doesn’t have to be negative; it’s just something you need to experience.

With the passing of days, sensuality, sexuality, and fluency in your relationships will be clearer and clearer. You will enjoy very intense and happy days regarding your love life. All in all, you will feel lucky.

This week, in general, you will have favourable days in love whether you’re single or taken. You will live reconciliations, love adventures, the birth of new relationships, and the strengthening of certain existing bonds.

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Sagittarius will start this last week of August with plenty of energy and stamina. You’re very likely to get a position of responsibility or at least your work will be rewarded. Things seem to be working out at last!

However, even if the week seems to begin wonderfully in the professional area, your finances aren’t still where you want them. Your budget is still quite tight for the moment.

As the week goes by, you will certain planetary aspects will help your professional sector take off and you won’t feel the weight of the limitations you have felt until now.

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You may go through moments of uncertainty but also of energy and joy. It will be a changing week and you’re likely to experience the symptoms of unimportant illnesses – just to feel completely renewed the following morning.

Emotionally speaking, though, you have to be prepared: you may have to experience hard events in your life. They are important lessons for you but they will be painful.

These experiences might be family-related – particularly to one specific person with whom you will share a hard moment. Now that you know what you can expect, you have enough time to prepare yourself mentally so you’re able to deal with this situation as calmly as you can.