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Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope for 20 - 26 June 2022

Sagittarius, you'll feel the affection of those around you


Sagittarius, you'll receive all the support you need. This week you'll feel appreciated and this will boost your self-esteem. Your loved ones will be there to encourage you

This sensation will bring you a lot of emotional security. You'll be able to enjoy a calm week. Don't expect any without any kind of unpleasant surprise on the horizon.


The Weekly Horoscope recommends you're more aware of your limitations. When it comes to your finances, you should always know what you have. Make sure you know how much money you have available and what expenses are in sight.

You must learn to adapt to your situation – for better or for worse. That way you won't get caught by surprise. When there's a setback, you'll be ready to take action, Sagittarius. 


Sagittarius, you need to start taking it easy in the area of workYou're likely to have a particularly intense week. Therefore, try to face the tasks with patience and calm.

Don't let the workload get the better of you. Try not to let it pile up too much, it will all work out little by little. You need to be determined and trust your abilities.


Sagittarius, this week the Horoscope recommends you take better care of yourself. You don't have to overdo it, just a little bit every day. Sometimes our hectic rhythm makes self-care difficult.

You shouldn't accept this as a norm. Why don't you choose to do a small action every day? The sole purpose will be to treat yourself emotionally.

You don't need a spa. Just go for a walk, eat a healthy snack, or save some minutes for meditation at home. It all counts.

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