Sagittarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

You will have to redefine your priorities – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 2 - 8 November 2020

All the efforts you put into making your project work could end up affecting your health if you're not careful enough


This first week of November comes with great lessons in the area of love for Sagittarius. The priority is to leave behind your fear of commitment; otherwise, you won’t be able to advance in your relationships.

That’s the exact reason why by the middle of the week you could feel the need to be along. You want to redefine your priorities and your feelings. From this moment on, you will be able to enjoy your relationship with greater illusion. It will be more meaningful and you will feel that motivation that made you choose that person in the first place.

If you’re single, you can expect a very active week. You will be very happy and willing to share your feelings. This willingness is fundamental in order to manifest your romantic or sexual intentions.

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You want to be on your own at work – and you will make it! Actually, maybe you will be able to present new suggestions. Whether you’re your own boss or you work for someone else, your ideas will be very specific and accurate.

You want to create an environment full of harmony in your workplace. That’s why you will try to make those around you happy regardless of your ambitions.

You will be able to do so by paying attention to your behaviour – and modifying it when necessary. This way you will be more productive and this will benefit not only the company, but yourself.

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As for your health, this will be a week full of emotions in all areas of your life so your physical body could feel the effects of stress and tension. You will have to deal with it during the whole week.

Maybe you will somatise some of this stress so you will think about going to the doctor. It’s a good idea; go for a check-up and clear any doubts. You want to be alert and look after your body.

However, what you really need to look after this week is your emotional health. You will start the month in a depressive state so the sooner you deal with these emotions, the faster you will recover.