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Your professional life can get slightly complicated – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 19 - 25 April 2021

Be careful because the complications in your professional life can affect other areas such as your health

❤️ Love

Sagittarius, you can expect good news regarding the affairs of the heart for this week. You're enjoying a phase of stability and well-being in your relationships and this will help you get through any problem you can experience.

However, you may also have some surprise in the area of family because a relative of yours might make you feel bad for some reason. Sagittarius, if you're capable of empathizing you'll be able to understand the situation a little bit better.

If you're single, you will have plenty of occasions to have fun. Maybe in such a relaxed social environment, you can meet someone with whom you will get on well.

💰 Money

Things aren't that positive regarding your prediction for work: the Stars predict stagnancy. You're very likely to receive ambiguous answers and you will have to work with uncertainty. All this is the result of a lack of prediction.

However, by the middle of the week, you may end a pending project and this will bring you peace of mind. But be careful because these days you're at risk of being the victim of a scam, Sagittarius.

By the end of the week, you will receive the help of collaborators who believe in you and your projects and from then on, things will only improve. Trust but never lose sight of reality. Your critical skills will save you on more than one occasion.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Your health is strong as always, Sagittarius. It seems that your body and mind are in perfect balance and this favours any recovery process  and protects you from any infectious disease.

However, by the middle of the week, your working life and certain personal problems might wreak havoc on your immune system. This will make you feel extremely tired so listen to the signs your body is sending and don't ignore its messages.

Sagittarius, remember that every situation you experience – whether it's good or bad – will help you grow and evolve. Things will go well as long as you keep this in mind.

👍 Tip of the week

Once you see problems as opportunities you will be able to feel peaceful and calm

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for the week of 19 - 25 April 2021 are: 3, 11 and 16.

🤝 Compatibilities

The best compatibilities for Sagittarius for the week of 19 - 25 April 2021 are:

Leo and Libra in Love

Gemini and Virgo in Friendship

Sagittarius and Capricorn at Work

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