Sagittarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

You will be able to reconnect with your partner – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 17 - 23 August 2020

Get ready for the new responsibilities you're about to assume at work, there's nothing to fear


This week will begin with some connection issues. If you’re in a relationship, you may have problems in the bedroom as you won’t coincide all the time. Your family obligations could be eclipsing the intimacy in your relationship.

However, by the middle of the week, things will turn completely and your partner will prepare a special event for an important celebration. There you will have the chance to become more intimate.

If you’re single, you will try your best this week. You feel more than ready and willing to start a relationship so you’re very likely to be very straightforward in an encounter. You will meet a person who coincides with you.

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You will be a little distracted during the first days of the week, Sagittarius. You won’t be focused enough to meet the deadlines. However, you will soon regain control and you’ll be able to catch up.

By the middle of the week, you will probably have to do something you’re not used to. Get ready for new responsibilities! Don’t worry too much, though. You'll adjust easily and work efficiently.

However, right before the weekend, a feeling of stagnancy will invade you and could affect your mood. You will feel chained to your current job and unable to change the situation. Be careful if you detect such ideas.

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This week, you will be able to have a more optimistic approach. You will give your physical and mental health the importance it deserves. You know that body and mind need to be in balance.

You won’t get easily sick this week but some Sagittarius will have to be careful with air drafts because they tend to have infectious throat problems.

Still, it won’t be anything serious. The worst you will get this week is a bad cold. This means you won’t have reasons to complain about your health. Just remember to continue looking after yourself.