Sagittarius Horoscope Weekly 2020

You want to escape from your routine – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 16 - 22 November 2020

You will be able to advance once you start trusting the surprises the Universe has prepared for you


This week's love prediction for Sagittarius says that some natives will have a tendency to find love outside their own relationship. However, some other natives will devote to their love life with their partner.

The thing most natives want this week is to avoid routine. That's why they will choose to introduce new elements in their love life – maybe something to spice up their relationship, maybe a different partner.

Single Sagittarius will have some days of introspection. You will pay extra attention to yourself instead of others. However, the rest of the week you will be willing to enjoy love whether you're starting a relationship or you're just looking for a romance.

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The influence of the planets will be excellent for Sagittarius' area of work. Everything is positive for you: making money, your position at work, your reputation... If you're not advancing it's because you don't want to!

Maybe you will change jobs or roles at work. Something new is about to affect your work life and you're willing to accept this change. Some Sagittarius will finally leave their old routine behind.

Don't be afraid and walk through this door that is opening in front of you. You can be confident because such opportunities only happen once in a lifetime.

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You will have the influence of the sky protecting your health and giving you great energy. Your mood will be great during the whole week.

You can expect some days of exciting and challenging emotions that will make your strength shine. It may have been long since you last used your spiritual strength, Sagittarius, but you can still feel it inside of you!

You can say you will be lucky these days – or at least this is how you will feel! You have a new approach in life. You're a kinder, more pragmatic person, and this will give you plenty of confidence.