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Get ready for some lucky days – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 March 2021

You may not be aware of it but you're possibly living the best moments of the year


Many Sagittarius won't believe how lucky they can get this week of March in the area of love. What's more, you could be surprised to know that you're very likely to make your sweetest dreams come true.

Not only will you be able to express your feelings easily, but you will have the necessary positive energy to influence those around you. You will be capable of taking the lead in your family circle and within your relationship.

If you're single, you will also benefit from this streak of luck in love. You will probably meet someone with whom you will connect deeply. This is a good opportunity to try and have something more stable.

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Sagittarius, this week you will focus on improving your knowledge and skills. This will help you apply for a promotion or to get considerably better working conditions.

You need to work on your ability to watch for details. Organizing and planning your tasks will be key because if you don't do it, you're very likely to enter a state of chaos that will prevent you from getting optimal results.

However, your conversational skills will help you close deals and succeed in most negotiations this week. All in all, you can expect to have a good week at work.


At the beginning of the week, you may not be as energetic as usual – you will feel quite lazy! Maybe you will catch a cold that will make you feel that you're not ready or motivated to do things.

However, this week's goal will be to leave behind all the inner limitations that prevent you from getting a better lifestyle. Maybe it's your beliefs, maybe you're afraid, but  it's time to break with these thoughts that only hold you back and stop you from evolving.

Sagittarius, your spirituality can help you find your direction in life. You will be able to focus on what's really important and achieve better well-being.

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