The Sagittarius sign circled by shooting stars

Your attitude will be really positive – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 14 - 20 December 2020

You will succeed in your personal and professional life thanks to your enthusiasm


Sagittarius, this week you can expect great movements in your love life. Not only will your week begin warmer than usual, but your attitude will be more positive to personal relationships too. You will be very confident.

By the middle of the week, peace and harmony will rule your home. This will include your partner and your family in general. This will make it one of the best weeks for the natives of the sign.

If you’re single, you could meet your soul-mate these days. Your friends will play a crucial role in this story. Maybe they will introduce you to that special person or maybe they will encourage you to take action.

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You may be surprised when you find yourself doing certain tasks that are totally new to you. This may frighten you at first but it could soon become the reason why you will get a promotion.

Whether you work for someone or you’re your own boss, your initiative will be crucial when it comes to improving your position at work. These initiatives shouldn’t be a problem for others.

You shouldn’t take risks right now. Changing jobs isn’t the best idea these days unless you’re going to work for a company that has plenty of money and guarantees great financial perspectives for you in the short and long run.


You will feel well this week. Physically, you will feel stronger than usual and your body will respond to all your movements. Emotionally, you don’t have any reasons to be worried so you will be motivated and in a good mood.

However, by the middle of the week some complications could turn into a headache – and give you a literal headache too. You don’t usually suffer from migraines but this time it seems that you can’t escape them.

In order to deal with this little setback, you need to understand the symptoms and find the source of the problem too. This way, not only will you avoid pain but you will also prevent it from bothering you in the future – at least for the same reason.

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