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Your love life will go through different stages – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 11 - 17 January 2021

The constant search of improvement will make you go through different phases


This week will have a rough beginning when it comes to your love life, Sagittarius. Your behaviour won't be the right one when talking to your loved ones. However, this bad moment won't last for long because you will soon go back to your charming and optimistic self.

If you're in a relationship, will give a lot of importance to your vital space. If your partner has been too dependent, you will have to redefine your habits and give each other some space inside the relationship – which will have very positive results.

If you're single, you will take advantage of the influence of Venus, the Sun, and Mercury in your communicaation area. You will have it easier to reach people's hearts so nothing can stop you if you want to seduce someone!

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The week begins with a lack of stability and some unexpected changes in your professional life. However, this will bring you good opportunities for growth and if you're able to take advantage of them, it will get you to a better position at work.

You need to fix clear objectives in order to implement an action plan – as long as you're determined to go for them! If you go ahead,  you will be able to get an important amount of money as long as everything goes as planned.

If you're a freelancer, you will receive the unconditional support of someone close who will believe in you and help you whenever you need it. You will also count on the advice of experts who will guide you throughout all the process.


You should avoid unnecessary risks this week. Prevention together with being in a good mood will help you stay healthy during the whole week.

However, by the end of the week, you will feel very energetic. While this isn't bad news, you could feel so motivated that you could commit certain mistakes: you're a very active person and you won't be able to tell when to stop and relax.

Try to be aware of such a typical Sagittarius tendency and make sure you set some limits when you're feeling out of control. This way you will be able to avoid fatigue and you will maintain your body's defenses so that you don't get ill.

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