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Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope for 11 - 17 April, 2022

Sagittarius, get ready for a week of reunions and introspection


Sagittarius, the Weekly Horoscope predicts that you'll have an emotionally fulfilling week. Days of insight and reflection await you, in which you'll have time to think about your deepest needs. Spend time thinking about what you want to achieve and how you want it. Take advantage of this time to get to know yourself better.

The stars also mention that you could be reunited with a love from the past, so it will be a week full of excitement. Try to manage this volcano of emotions that will be mostly positive. You could feel a bit overwhelmed so try to relax and let it flow.


The Weekly Horoscope announces a week without major financial problems.

There may be some unpredicted events but you'll easily deal with it and it won't affect you in the future.

Manage your finances wisely and responsibly and it will all work out for you. Consider some training to learn how to manage your money well.

Knowing a little more about your economy will help you prevent possible complicated situations in the future, Sagittarius.


Sagittarius, this week you will have a heavy workload. It may be the final push before the holidays.

Or maybe it means that a lot of unfinished tasks have piled up and you need to tackle them.

If you're lucky enough to have some days off, use them to switch off from the office and responsibilities –enjoy yourself.

If not, try to cope with it with the best attitude. Try not to let the professional affect the personal. You can achieve this!


Your Horoscope reminds you the importance of listening to your body and taking care of it. It's constantly talking to you and telling you what it needs.

The changing weather could affect your mood this week. It won't be very serious; you can face this situation with positivity! Just keep a good attitude, Sagittarius!

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