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Your love life will be full of mutual understanding – Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 February 2021

You will have to negotiate in order to achieve what you want in both your love and professional life


Sagittarius, your love prediction for this week talks about a crisis and possible problems caused by new information or jealousy. There will be a conflict with your loved ones because of a decision you've made without asking for their opinion.

However, by the middle of the week, Cupid will give you a break and will give your love life a sweet turn. You will have a love life full of mutual understanding from that moment on.

If you're single, you will meet someone who shares your vision of what a relationship should be like – especially regarding each others' boundaries. Dialogue and connection – both physical and mental – will be crucial in this new story.

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You will have to be very careful at work this week if you want to end what you've started. You will easily focus on your objectives and this will help you plan your actions.

Also, you will realize that the most important thing isn't what you say but what you do. Your actions will be key this week. You will try to prove your merits through your actions.

If you're working on sales or you're self-employed, you will be in the group of Sagittarius who will see more benefits thanks to the favourable energy of the Stars. Success will come to you through liberal jobs.


You will feel well during this week. Actually, your energy levels will be pretty high on the first days. However, don't be overconfident because you know that this could lead to you forgetting about your healthy habits.

Don't commit excesses – especially if this can jeopardise your health. Don't overeat or overdrink, and don't put your health at risk with dangerous substances activities that can drain your energy.

Try to stop your bad habits now that you still control them and replace them with something healthier. Remember that walking is one of the most beneficial activities you can do. The weather shouldn't be an excuse because as long as you have the right clothes on, your body will thank you for the light activity.

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