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Sagittarius' Personality Traits

A free spirit! We discover what the archer of the Zodiac is like, the most adventurous sign of all.

That they are  warm, close and quite sociable, is something that is known about this sign. But for those who wish to discover more about the personality of Sagittarius, here are some of their most iconic features. Find out what Sagittarius is like!

Sagittarius traits: 7 peculiarities of this sign

We find out what Sagittarius, the archer of the Zodiac, is like.

1. A charismatic and inspiring leader

They have an innate talent to influence people in a very positive way and manage to mobilize them with unusual skill in pursuit of the objectives that motivate them. The most curious thing is that they do it in a completely altruistic way, from their own vision that the normal thing should be to bet on what one believes in since self-realization is something really important for this sign.

In the same way, when in their work they are aware of their talent and it requires the inspiration that characterizes the personality of Sagittarius to channel a project, or in their own social environment it's important for the group to pronounce itself in some way for the common good of everyone; Sagittarius will be there with humility but success to mobilize the energies of all.

Charisma is one of the characteristics of Sagittarius that is more easily perceived from outside and for which they are also more valued.

2. The adventurer of the Zodiac

For those who know minimally what Sagittarius is like, they must know that one of the main attributions given to the natives of this sign of fire is their passion for adventure.

It's true that they feel an insatiable thirst to explore, discover and feel as intensely as they can each moment, that this factor is something that is part of their own way of being and understanding life, taking it to the field of the day to day life whenever they can.

For them  it isn't only synonymous with taking a backpack and getting lost: No, it isn't limited to what an exotic trip can offer them to some remote place to quench their thirst for emotions, novelties and surprises. The archer of the Zodiac is a true treasure hunter in the course of their daily life, trying to make every moment count.

3. Communication in the broadest sense of the word

If you have ever noticed their intense look, you will surely have wondered what Sagittarius is like when expressing their feelings and transmitting their emotions. Even quiet, they have the ability to make themselves be understood with who they want among the people around them: Gesture, the tone and cadence of their voice... and of course, the looks that speak for themselves.

We are facing one of the most emblematic personality traits of Sagittarius: Their broad capacity for communication, which isn't limited to the field of words, but also for that reason, they need to feel as physically as possible at the time to be able to transmit their ideas, feelings and emotions.

For that same reason, they aren't really into having long phone conversations or using WhatsApp since they lack gesticulation and look at the listener in order to interact better with the other person.

4. The most intellectual of the signs of fire

Of the natives of the fire element, the personality of Sagittarius is the most sophisticated of the three, since neither its impulsiveness is so marked nor its essence so primary. They greatly enjoy the fact of acquiring new knowledge due to the insatiable curiosity that characterizes them  and their thirst for learning.

It's also an incentive to have a great diversity of conversation topics to talk for hours with people as diverse as their multiple interests.

5. Positive mentality… and a lot of humour!

With optimism as a standard and positivity as a way of looking at the world, there is no better company than this sign to help us see the bright side of all circumstances. Also, if you add their tendency to laugh at everything as much as at themselves, you will see that a Sagittarius is someone you can count on, especially when feeling sad. 

As if that wasn't enough, it is governed by the motto of "Live and let live", with which it manages to stay away from the toxicity of the most meddlesome and negative people who would be dispatched with what could be another emblematic phrase of yours about taking the consequences of their actions: "It's up to you, but if Karma is true..."

6. Seducer by nature

Known for being one of the most passionate lovers, although it must be said that in these matters, Sagittarius burns with another fire: We remember again their sophistication, which makes their ardour more subtle and less predictable. But if there is an advantage with which Sagittarius counts on with respect to other signs, that is its capacity for natural seduction: Although they don't intend to, they captivate wherever they go.

7. Free spirit

A feature of Sagittarius that is also linked with their ability to arouse passions around them, is something that isn't always well understood or accepted by the people they fall in love with:  Its accused sense of freedom.

The natives of this sign are considered a free spirit and need to keep their individualism (despite being truly sociable people) to feel full and notice their most genuine essence. But that doesn't mean they can't share their life with another person; they just need to be respectful enough with their most personal space.

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