Sagittarius Horoscope November

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for November 2020: You will be happy to open to others

You will get over all the challenges you encounter in your professional life

Love: Stop thinking about yourself only

The year is about to end and the area of affection will ask Sagittarius to leave behind their individualism. Try to focus more on your partner. An unexpected happening will make your bond stronger – as long as this is what you two want.

At the same time, your power of seduction will help you win the heart of whoever you want to seduce. If you know a native of Cancer, you could feel how they try to limit your independence a little bit. This is the price you will have to pay in order to enjoy the warm affection of this native.

However, you will have your own demands too. You want your partner to work less and spend more time with you. In that sense, you both will be fighting to get opposed results.

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Money: You will meet your professional goals

This month comes with high personal self-improvement. You will be able to excel in your professional field. You want to succeed and you will definitely make it!

Your ability to impose your ideas will help you access the goals you had set so long ago. What’s more, you will find the perfect partner who will know how to help you in the activities that tend to feel unpleasant to you – or are just boring or too unnatural to you.

This complementary connection will let you two grow as professionals. However, you will also try radical changes that could imply a series of risks. Make sure you analyse the possible outcomes before trying anything too extreme.

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Health: Complicated times

As for your health, you will have an intense feeling of anxiety, Sagittarius. This will be particularly true during the first half of the month and you could even experience physical symptoms.

Some natives will feel slightly depressed. You will feel unexplainably tired. This fatigue will last in time for a while and it will threaten with draining all your energy.

If you give in to this situation, you will end up falling ill. However, try to do the opposite. Make sure you notice this situation and recognise what’s going on. Once you do it, remember that this is just a temporary situation and by the second half of the month you will feel completely renewed!