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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for January 2021: You will move on and start something new

If you manage to leave your past behind, this new year will bring you positive changes in all the areas in your life

Love: You will start a new stage

Sagittarius, you can think about moving on and starting a new stage in your relationship. Actually, the marriages that strengthen their bonds by the middle of January will become the strongest ones.

If you're in a relationship, you will conquer many battles together. You will connect with your partner on a deeper level and your union will become more solid, harmonic, and with a vision to the future.

If you're single, you could finally meet your soul mate. However, you shouldn't think about the people you already know because they're unlikely to bring you anything else but a brief romance. Look for love somewhere else if you're willing to be in a formal relationship.

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Money: Your year will start positively

Don't close any big deals or start big projects this month. Actually, you can afford to relax a little bit now. You won't stop being productive; you will just be able to rest for a while.

If you're a freelancer, this year will begin with great motivation. You've overcome many difficulties and this will let you see that you can achieve your goals if you fight for them.

What's more, you will have more money and this will help you plan your professional and personal life better. This year will have a positive start for you, Sagittarius, whether you're working or looking for a job.

Health: Focus on your well-being

The area of work can receive too much tension and this could end up affecting your health by the middle of the month. Sagittarius, you may suffer a mild cold that will leave you in bed for a while.

However, there are things you can do to prevent this situation. Avoid drafts and meeting people who have a cold. By the middle of the month, you should prioritize your well-being above everything else.

Be particularly aware of your diet. You'd rather eat more fresh fruit and vegetables in order to strengthen your immune system.

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