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A new approach will help you clarify your life - Sagittarius Horoscope 2021

Your new perspective will change forever the way you experience every area in your life

Love: Commitment and a new approach 

Sagittarius, Mars will be in your area of relationships from Mars until April. This will give you enough energy and motivation to commit to your loved ones.

This year you may decide to put an end to some relationships that don’t seem to work – whether it’s a friend or your partner. If you’re single, you will be able to focus on searching for someone you respect who is willing to commit. If you’re in a relationship, you may want to take it to the next level and confirm the commitment you have to your partner.

Mercury will retrograde in June in your area of relationships and a solar eclipse will happen in this area on the 10th of June. This means that you may have to work on relationship and commitment issues. Try to improve your relationship with others.

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Money: You’re going towards success

The prediction reveals that Uranus will stay in your area of work during the year 2021. This can make you feel like changing your working environment: the people you work with, your superiors, or even your job.

If you don’t like your job, you could be tempted to carry out more changes and try to find something completely different. If you want to, you can find more ways of being productive, new projects that will let you continue doing what you like, or even unexpected opportunities that may arise.

You need to know that from the beginning of the year until February, Mars will join Uranus in this area of your life and this will give you even more energy and drive to work and carry out projects. You can get organized, maximise your time and energy, and enjoy this productive moment.

A lunar eclipse will happen in this area on the 19th of November and some problems from work can be solved. Maybe you will be able to finish projects or move on with some new professional plans.

Health: You will work on your mental energy

Mercury will retrograde in one of the sectors that rule your mind during most of February. This could make you feel less understood and lead you to frustration and even a lack of focus.

In order to lessen these effects, you can let your mind rest. You could take a time to think about the past and old issues and start working on your old ideas and plans to work. It can become a very positive time to analyse your life.

You may also discover new ways to communicate that will make you feel understood. You can also learn how to listen to others better. You can focus on optimising your mental skills and energy and making progress during the year.

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