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Sagittarius Compatibility with the Other Zodiac Signs

Find here the features of the compatibility of Sagittarius with other signs

Zodiac signs are used in astrology. They indicate personality traits. People who were born under the same sign share common characteristics. These govern most compatibility charts, which determine the love matches between two different signs and predict relationships. Every zodiac sign corresponds to the four elements which control the universe. The four elements are air, fire, water, and earth. Moreover, each zodiac sign is associated with a specific planet as a ruler. In astrology, a zodiac sign is linked to a constellation. Other terms used to denote a zodiac sign in astrology are sun sign, birth sign, astrological sign, star sign, and planet sign.

The apparent movement of the sun concerning the stars will yield an “elliptic.” When charted for a full year, the sky's layer on all sides of this elliptic zone is the zodiac. A thirty-degree segment of the zodiac circle is associated with a specific zodiac sign. Therefore, a person’s zodiac sign is the sun's position at a specific time of the year when he or she was born.

The Chinese Zodiac sign is quite different and more complicated. The interpretations of the cycles also vary. The Chinese astrology is based on a lunar cycle of twelve years. Western astrology, which is the main subject of this article, is based on the calendar year, composed of twelve months. The Chinese Zodiac sign is therefore based on the person’s birth year in the Chinese calendar. Moreover, Chinese astrology assigns an animal with unique traits to every Chinese zodiac sign. The animal’s traits will then indicate the compatibility in the love match. This article will discuss mainly Western astrology.

Horoscope is related to the zodiac signs. A horoscope is commonly used to predict the future. When it comes to compatibility love matches in relationships, horoscopes use the twelve zodiac signs and individuals' key characteristics based on their zodiac signs. Since the compatibility between two individuals directly impacts whether or not the relationship will work, zodiac signs are widely used to predict what will happen during relationships between two different sun signs.

  • Sagittarius element. The Sagittarius personality traits are associated with the element fire, which denotes boldness, free-spiritedness, and recklessness. Symbolized by the Archer, Sagittarius is characterized by pride, impulsiveness, and idealism.
  • The mythology of Sagittarius. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius's constellation is associated with the centaur Chiron, a half-human and half-horse creature. Chiron is the son of Saturn and Philyra, and he turned himself into a horse to escape his jealous wife, Rhea. Chiron was placed in the sky by Zeus and honored as the constellation Centaurus or Sagittarius. The constellation’s star formation has an arrow figure which points straight to the star Antares. The star of Antares is known as the heart of the Scorpion.
  • Sagittarius characteristics and personality traits. Sagittarius, symbolized by the Archer, is characterized by impulsiveness and a sense of adventure. Sagittarians are very sociable, freedom-loving, and extremely flirtatious. They place quite a strong importance on independence and will not enjoy being kept in one place or one situation for a long time. Monotony and domestic life will not be in the picture for Sagittarius. They are the type of people whose foot is always outside the door, and quite literally, taking unplanned trips appeals so much to them. They easily change their minds and are daring to the point of recklessness. They enjoy conversations and intellectual stimulation. In a relationship, a Sagittarian needs continuous variety to keep their interest towards their partner. They rarely exhibit insecurity, jealousy, or sentimentality. Sagittarians are incredibly easygoing and may not have a strong sense of loyalty. In astrological compatibility, Sagittarius will not make a good match with those sun signs, which are characterized by emotional sensitivity and being introverted. They will be a perfect match for those who value variety and adventure.

Aries and Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarius love compatibility is best with Aries and is expected to be a satisfying union for both parties. The Mars-Jupiter pairing of these two sun signs is an ideal love match because both of them are generally socially active, spontaneous, lavish, and extremely fun-loving. In terms of temperament, they also exhibit a perfect match. Those who bear the Archer's sign are blunt, tactless, candid, and quick whenever they formulate decisions – characteristics that will endear them to their Sagittarian partner. The key characteristics of Aries are competitiveness and impulsiveness. Arians usually turn out to be brave leaders. Their recklessness will be something that the restless and outgoing Sagittarians can relate to. Arians are optimistic and have a good sense of humor; this will complement a Sagittarian’s tendency to start arguments. Cosmically speaking, this love match is expected to forge a strong and enduring relationship.

Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility

The Sagittarius and Taurus pairing is passionate at first, but the differences between the two sun signs will overwhelm them in the long run. They will initially enjoy each other’s company, but it will be tough to keep them together within a relationship's confines. The Taurus sun sign is extremely sensual and will eventually be alienated by Sagittarius's restless and pleasure-seeking nature. There will come a time when Taurus will have enough of the Sagittarian’s sporting and flirtatious ways. In terms of domestic abilities, Taurus is perfect and can provide a comfortable and secure home for Sagittarius, but Sagittarius will never notice Taurus's excellent homemaking skill. A Sagittarius male will be flirtatious with the opposite sex, and the Taurus female will always yearn for security, which will not be given by the ever-restless Sagittarian mate. On the other hand, a freedom-loving Sagittarius female will endlessly clash against the harshness of her Taurus partner. A business partnership between these two zodiac signs is ideal but not a romantic relationship. The relationship will be happy for both, but it is not expected to last.

Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarius and Gemini are direct opposites in the zodiac circle, but they tend to pose a strong attraction towards each other. Like Sagittarius, Gemini is highly extroverted, flirtatious, and communicative. People born under this birth sign tend to be unemotional and curious. Their relationship will probably start as a very passionate and very impulsive love affair. These two sun signs symbolize restlessness and gregariousness. They both veer away from monotony and convention. In a relationship between a Sagittarius male and a Gemini female, they will enjoy meaningful conversations and have an outgoing life. Insecurity will most likely come from the Sagittarian male because of the flirtatious behavior of the Gemini partner. Sagittarius is known for being flirtatious, too, but such behavior on a female Gemini will potentially ruin some parties for these fun-loving couple. A relationship between a Sagittarius female and a Gemini male will enjoy extraordinary physical chemistry, but their restlessness and independence will slowly bring them away from each other. Since they are also both undemanding and flexible, they can also be happily married together, provided that mutual effort is exerted to make the relationship work.

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility 

A Sagittarius and a Cancer compatibility love match may be quite good, but there are so many clashing aspects of their personalities. Cancer is nurturing and emotional. Denoted by the Crab, Cancer is a water sign and governed by the moon. A Sagittarian is restless, outgoing, and will always think of searching for new partners. A Cancerian, on the other hand, is a careful planner, easily satisfied, and generally loves domestic life.  This love match might survive if Cancer can learn to control their jealousy towards the flighty and flirtatious ways of a Sagittarius. The compatibility love match between a Sagittarius male and a Cancer female will have a great chance of surviving than their reversed sign counterparts. The Cancer female must learn to be adventurous to catch the interest of the wandering Sagittarian. In contrast, the Sagittarius male must learn to be responsible and build a secure life for his Cancer mate. The emotional streaks of Cancer will be dampened by the Sagittarian’s inherent sense of humor and intellect. Between a Sagittarius female and a Cancer male, a love match may work for a certain period of time. Still, the Sagittarian might potentially lose interest in the homeliness of her Cancer mate. A tremendous amount of mutual effort can keep this compatibility love match to last. And if these two sun signs should end up in a marriage, it may be manageable, but it might not necessarily be a happy one.

Leo and Sagittarius compatibility 

Leo-Sagittarius compatibility is cosmically sound and perfect. Both sun signs will pursue their mutual interests towards seeking freedom, adventure, and socializing with new people. To a Leo and a Sagittarius, love is considered a type of amusement, and they will entertain themselves in the relationship. They will also enjoy excellent physical chemistry. The flighty and adventurous Sagittarius will constantly inspire and stimulate a Leo. In turn, a Leo will inspire a Sagittarian to stay faithful and possibly curb his or her faithless ways. People born under the sign of Leo tend to be self-centered and stubborn. They crave to be the center of attention; this similar tendency is also true for Sagittarius. When in a relationship, these two will be the centers of each other’s attention. Leo is a fire sign and ruled by the sun. In a relationship between these two signs, Leo will most likely dominate. The strong compatibility love match between a Leo and a Sagittarius exists because these zodiac signs both carry the fire sign. They understand and can really relate to each other’s needs. A marriage between these two signs will be enduring and strong because both parties can keep interest in each other alive.

Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility

Virgo-Sagittarius compatibility is average at best. Virgo bears the earth sign while Sagittarius carries the fire sign; both signs are mutable, so these two zodiac signs have a respectable degree of compatibility. There is slight compatibility between a Sagittarius and a Virgo, and in most cases, it may not be that strong to sustain a long term relationship. People born under the sun sign of Virgo are quick to criticize, are very analytical and methodical, and find fault in the whimsical-mindedness of the Sagittarius or the Archer. Furthermore, a Sagittarian will be too passionate and too immature for the practical, conservative, and emotionally detached Virgo. For this compatibility to flourish, mutual understanding and forgiveness of each other’s shortcomings must be at the forefront of the relationship. They will also have a common ground, too, because Virgo and Sagittarius both enjoy intellectual stimulation. That may be enough to keep their interest going for a certain period of time. Eventually, an introvert and conservative Virgo male will be strongly put off by a Sagittarius female’s extrovert, flirtatious, and fun-loving behavior. A Virgo female and a Sagittarius male, on the other hand, will remain incompatible because her devoted and serious nature will clash against his flirtatious and reckless behavior. The relationship might work for the Virgo Sagittarius compatibility, but so much effort needs to be exerted to understand and respect each other’s differences.

Libra and Sagittarius compatibility

The pairing between an expressive and extroverted Libra and an adventurous Sagittarian might work out if both can make an effort to respect each other’s differences and to complement each other’s weaknesses. Boredom will never be an issue for this compatibility love match because the Sagittarian’s flighty ways will always endear him or her to a Libra. Although Libra’s own adventures will not interest Sagittarius at all, people born under the sign of Libra have a strong sense of justice and display cleverness.  Intellectual stimulation is something that appeals deeply to a Sagittarius because this sign has a strong intellectual side. Conversations and lively discussions will always stimulate a Sagittarius. Both sun signs also enjoy socializing with new people, and this will become a common ground that they can do and enjoy together. Their potential clash will be in Libra’s, placing importance on finding a reliable partner. A Libra takes relationships quite seriously. If a Libra can understand the naturally flirtatious ways of a Sagittarius, then this love match has the chance of becoming a strong partnership.

Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility 

Scorpio-Sagittarius compatibility is quite good, but it is highly unpredictable. This relationship has a respectable degree of compatibility because both sun signs share common interests that may or may not harm them financially or socially. Both are extremely tireless and freedom-loving; they require so much variety and independence. Scorpio is naturally dominant and strong, but he or she will not match the audaciousness and flirtatiousness of a Sagittarian. Regarding their outlook on relationships, Sagittarians treat love affairs casually while Scorpios look at relationships very seriously. They will have great fun together, but this particular love match is not expected to last for a long time. There might be a chance for a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman to stay together for a long time. As long as the Scorpio will give the Sagittarian freedom and adventure, a Sagittarian female will be inspired by the ambition, determination, and strength of a Scorpio male.

Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility

Unless Sagittarius can curtail their flighty and flirtatious ways, this love match has the worst compatibility. People born under the sign of Capricorn are conservative, cautious, sincere, and short-tempered. Sagittarians, on the other hand, is reckless, irresponsible, impatient, and outspoken. Capricorn is generally a loner, while a Sagittarian is carefree. At some point in their relationship, the Sagittarian will find his or her Capricorn partner boring and weak. A loyal and shy Capricorn will always be frustrated by his or her fun-loving Sagittarian partner. In this love match, the pair will enjoy a nice time together during the relationship's initial stages. The Sagittarian might even bring adventure and fun to a Capricorn’s introverted life. In the end, their differences in perspective and behavior will keep them further and further apart.

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility

Aquarius and Sagittarius have a great chance for success when it comes to building a relationship. This love match compatibility between the two sun signs share the common need for independence, freedom, and adventure. Both are very inventive, optimistic, and highly unpredictable. Their values are so much alike, and they will have fun socializing with other people. Moreover, both Aquarius and Sagittarius rarely have jealous streaks or mood swings because of their easygoing attitudes. They both love the variety. Being demanding or dependent on one another will rarely enter the picture; they value independence more than anything else. There are so many personality traits that these two sun signs have in common, so it is generally expected that a relationship or a marriage between an Aquarius and a Sagittarius will be filled with joy and adventure.

Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility

The pairing of Pisces and Sagittarius has the worst compatibility in a love match. Although they both have a common interest in seeking fun, adventure, and romance, a Sagittarian is much more filled with energy and exuberance than a serene Pisces. A Sagittarius is straightforward and idealistic, which will end up verbally assaulting an overly sentimental and fickle-minded Pisces. Although this brutally candid speech towards the Pisces partner is unintentional, it will alienate both people in this relationship. People born under the sign of Sagittarius are flirtatious, romantic, and friendly. These characteristics will greatly overwhelm the quiet romanticism and dreaminess of Pisces. A Sagittarius love match for Pisces is never ideal. A serious lack of rhythm between these two sun signs will be an unfortunate undercurrent in this compatibility love match. It may work out, but there has to be a tremendous effort from both parties.

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