Sagittarius Horoscope  2020

Your Sagittarius Horoscope for 2020

Your Sagittarius annual prediction.


This year will be really special, Sagittarius, it will bring you lots of happiness. You will enjoy your love life with your partner, and your relationship will be more stable and stronger. You will share everything with your other half and this will make you become the perfect lover.

However, you will have to control your ego at some point, otherwise, you could have important problems. Make sure you respect the person you love if you want to have a solid relationship.

If you’re single, this 2020 will be very positive. The best moments of the year will be from the end of January until Mars, and from the end of June until mid-November. Get ready to enjoy your life and never look back!

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This 2020 you need to be cautious with your investments. The best time to invest in projects or business ideas will be from Mars to June. You will also spend more money on luxury goods and your own comfort.

As for your work, the prediction seems very positive. The Stars will be by your side if you want to get a new job. You will receive money from business with a foreigner country and new business ideas.

Your colleagues and superiors will be by your side, supporting you and your goals. You will do what’s in your hand so that you can beat your rivals. This will definitely be a good year, Sagittarius!


Your health prediction says that you will have to deal with certain problems this year. Your body will be in shape, but you should make sure you use your energy positively, you need to control your feelings.

As long as you take regular care of your body and you lead a healthy lifestyle, nothing will stop you or make you ill. Only by the middle of the year will you feel more tired than usual and the reason will be: overworking.

Sagittarius, the Magic Horoscope recommends spending more time meditating this year or at least doing some activity connected to your spirituality. Protecting yourself from negative energies will be the key to a great 2020.