Sagittarius Horoscope Monday 2020

You shouldn't depend on others emotionally – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, November 9, 2020

Devoting too much time to your career can end up affecting your private life in an unhealthy way


Sagittarius, you will see that you can become really dependent when you’re in love with someone. No matter if people usually see you as too cold. The truth is that you need to start loving yourself a bit more in order to receive someone else’s love in a balanced way.

You are a person of extremes and this can make your romantic relationships a bit chaotic – and in some occasions, even toxic. Leave all this drama behind and start building the relationship you really want.

If you’re single, you have an advantage: you can design the type of relationship you really want – if you actually want one, of course. You don’t have the problem of trying to rebuild a dying relationship that has suffered arguments and resentment.

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 You should find the best way to organize your time at work, Sagittarius. You shouldn’t spend your days working all the time. It’s fine if you do it every now and then but it’s not healthy if it becomes the norm.

You’re missing out the good things in life just because you’ve focused too much on your job. You need to find things that make you connect with yourself again.

Your finances will be positive but this shouldn’t give you permission to splurge. Focus on your real needs.

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As for your health, pay extra attention to your respiratory system, Sagittarius. You could catch a flu or a cold, but such a usual illness could get complicated if you’re not careful enough.

In order to avoid illnesses, you should prevent and listen to your body. See how it reacts, what symptoms is showing, and make the right decision according to your situation.

Be rational and don’t get obsessed over a little symptom. But don’t ignore it completely either! Just try to find a balance.

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