The sign of Sagittarius in half a purple circle

You will meet your own expectations – Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, December 9, 2020

All areas in your life are improving so there's no real reason for you to contuinue worrying!


It’s time you meet your expectations in love, Sagittarius. If there are great differences between you and your partner, try to deliver your messages without problems in order to avoid friction. You can count on your magnetism in order to seduce your partner and avoid arguments.

If you’re in a relationship, you could have heated conversations about your budget. However, Venus will give you all the charm you need to carry out a conversation with harmony.

If you’re single, you’re very confident right now. Jupiter has brought back your willingness to take the lead of your own destiny. Venus boosts your magnetism and Mars gives you greater libido.

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The natives of Sagittarius have made a great effort and have spent a lot of time working. This may have caused you to forget a bit about your personal relationships at some point. However, you’ve tried your best to balance your personal and professional life.

This sacrifice at work hasn’t been in vain because even if you won’t see more money at the moment, you will feel that your conditions at work are improving.

You need to start managing your money wisely right now. You may have spent too much lately and now you have to save again for the future.


You may have premonitory dreams and nightmares. These dreams could make you a bit nervous. You will keep thinking about them and maybe you will even remember deaths or losses you’ve experienced in the past.

This could leave you feeling a bit uneasy. Apart from this, you will have to go to the doctor – even if it’s just for a check-up – because you won’t feel completely well.

It won’t be anything important but in these cases, you always need to know the opinion of an expert in order to alleviate your fears. The one thing you should do right now is finding some time for yourself in order to relax.

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