The Sagittarius sign

You need to show more empathy for your loved ones – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, March 8, 2021

You will need to try your best to understand others and be empathic in order to make your relationships flow positively


Sagittarius, today's prediction reveals that the relationships with lovers, friends, children, and relatives will revive.

You need to include your relatives in your plans in order to strengthen the bond with them so that you can enjoy the love and harmony of your home. Remember to be more understanding with the people you love.

If you're a single native, you shouldn't wait, doubt, or discuss anymore. Today is the day to make up your mind and take action. You will benefit from expressing what your heart feels.

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The investments and plans you will be suggested today don't seem to have any guarantees or stability to attract good results so try to stay away.

If you decided to cut down on certain resources in the past, you may find yourself overworked and unable to provide the right service right now. This will be particularly true for the natives of the second decan.

However, you can take this opportunity to show your abilities. Show your worth, work independently, or prepare a product you want to launch. These can be difficult times for communication and financial flow so try to be patient, Sagittarius!


You are very motivated today. You feel like eating the world but the current circumstances ask you to be sensible and careful with your actions.

Growth is limited right now: there's a lot at risk and you may not even advance as much as you had expected. Remember not to push any situation and don't get frustrated when you don't see the results you want.

Stress isn't good for your health and the emotional tensions can end up taking their toll on your immune system – which can lead to you suffering from certain health problems. Avoid this by keeping calm and being as patient as you can.

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