Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday on a universe background

This situation is too demanding for you – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, February 8, 2021

You should learn what healthy limits you can accept in your relationship and stop playing power games


Sagittarius, today's prediction reminds you that you shouldn't play power games in your relationship. Stop acting like a victim or blaming others and start valuing your effort and the effort the other person's making. If you want your relationship to continue and stay healthy, you need to forgive each other's faults.

You want to take care of yourself and indulge a little bit but you also have to find a balance in your material and emotional life. Save energy instead of using it because there's a loved one or a situation that's too demanding for you.

Some Sagittarius will float adrift without a direction, some others will battle a fight, and others will choose to open their hearts to that special person. The natives of the first decan will be the most active ones.

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Sagittarius, you still have a lot of activity when it comes to contracts, finances, commercial and intellectual movements, and even commuting! The more you move, the more clients and business you will attract.

It's the best time for you to reinforce the productive relationships you already have and the connections with organizations. Those natives of the first decan will have to be careful when taking action. If you choose to improvise, remember not to lose sight of reality!

It's a favourable time for dialogues, agreements, travels, studies, closing deals, and signing papers. The key will be your ability to adapt to progress.


All your efforts for your health have started bearing fruit and the natives of the second decan will see more results than the rest of Sagittarius.

However, it's time you take a break, observe the current situation, and reprogramme your actions. Your Horoscope recommends you to control your anger and impatience. Don't get trapped in a situation you really want to get rid of, Sagittarius.

You have the support of the Stars in every decision you make to look after your body. Do you want to start a diet? Are you interested in a workout plan? Have you read about a method to help you ditch some bad habits? Now it's your moment, Sagittarius, the Universe will help you!

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