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Sagittarius, your Daily Horoscope for Friday, October 7th, 2022

Stop these intrusive thoughts, Sagittarius


Sagittarius, today you could develop some obsessions on the sentimental plane. You could have a tendency to be insecure, and that could lead you to distrust. Try to think clearly and analyze the situation rationally.

Entering into this kind of mental loop is dangerous. This vicious circle will only bring you anxiety and worry. Stop these intrusive thoughts and try to see the situation from a calm perspective.

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The Daily Horoscope recommends you start saving. Maybe you’d like to go on a trip during the holidays. Or perhaps you could start putting aside a little of your salary for some nice presents for Christmas.

Sagittarius, whatever the case, saving a little now will help you to enjoy the holidays. Then you’ll be able to face them without restrictions or financial limitations.


Sagittarius, you could feel very demanding at work. Your Horoscope knows that you usually manage well situations of pressure. However, if you think that this demand is too much, talk to your superiors or lower the rhythm.

Health is important, and you shouldn’t allow work to consume you and push you to the limit. What you do outside your working hours is important. That’s why you also need to keep your own judgment about expectations, pressure, and rhythm.


Your Horoscope encourages you to get out and have some fun, Sagittarius. It's Friday and even if you’re tired, it's a good day to make an extra effort to see your friends. This will help you to let go and get rid of the stress and anxiety of the week.


Sagittarius, the stars are predicting changes in the area of health. This could mean the incorporation of new healthy routines. Or maybe you'll be able to give up a vice you thought you'd never be able to give up.

Don't stop looking after yourself.