Sagittarius Wednesday on a sky background with shooting stars

You feel more attractive than ever – Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, April 7, 2021

If you're looking for love you can expect an exceptionally lucky day


Sagittarius, love will come to you in a very natural way and you will feel really happy to have fallen in love with someone. Maybe you will meet this special person through a relative or common friend – probably you won't even expect this to happen!

You will be exceptionally attractive today. The planets will make you charming and mature and will help you find someone who will be honest in your relationship.

You will find someone wise who will become your perfect match. Those natives who already are in a relationship will find things in common with their partner that will make their bond stronger.

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You will be praised for your hard work and ability to meet the deadlines, Sagittarius. Your abilities to communicate will be openly admired by those around you.

However, you need greater effort if you want a promotion or a pay rise. Your superiors may trust you for a better position during the following months.

Your determination and devotion will make you find success at work and you could become a referent in your area. However, take it easy and don't rush any project.


Your health has improved recently but you still could make an appointment with your doctor to have a check-up done during the first half of the month. Actually, today is a good day for this type of appointment.

Your partner might not feel entirely well during this first half of the month and you are a little bit worried. There are some ayurvedic solutions that can help those around you with any mild health problems  they could suffer from.

As for your own health, you need to control your cholesterol levels. You already know that eating fatty and spicy food on a regular basis isn't good for your health, Sagittarius.

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