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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

Sagittarius, pay attention to the signals


Sagittarius, the stars advise you to open up and pay attention to the signs. Be receptive to what comes your way. You might get very pleasant surprises

Perhaps a character will suddenly shake up your emotional situation. Or you may receive an offer you didn't expect. Whatever the case, the stars predict movement and novelty on the sentimental plane.

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The Daily Horoscope stresses the importance of setting goals. Sagittarius, if you find it hard to save, set weekly or monthly goals. Having a specific objective and time could make it easier for you to achieve it.

However, you need to be realistic, otherwise, you might get frustrated if you don't achieve it. Don't ask for what's unattainable in your current situation.


Sagittarius, you may sometimes unintentionally be particularly invasive with your workmates. You may not realize it. You probably simply approach them in order to help and motivate them. 

Your Horoscope indicates that you should learn to respect their personal spaces more.

However, sometimes you have to learn to wait until they ask for help and advice. Try to respect the rhythms, times, and spaces of your colleagues.


Sagittarius, some of your friends may be going through a bad time.

They may not know how to ask for help. Or maybe they don't want to out of embarrassment. Or maybe they just don't want to annoy you. 

You should pick up on the signs and try to be there for them. Ask them what they need and how you can help.


The stars point to a possible cold, or flu-like symptoms. If this is the case, take the necessary measures and give your body the rest it needs.

Sagittarius, if the symptoms are clear, it wouldn't hurt to have a test to rule out Covid.