The Sagittarius sign surrounded by stars

Your attitude towards others will change – Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, March 6, 2021

Your career might be on standby but things are going wonderfully in your love life


Those around you will be surprised when you start behaving as a loyal and faithful lover, Sagittarius. However, someone could try to condition your acts and this could scare you. Don't run away in fear of having your freedom limited.

If you give in, you two will be able to start a romance full of mutual understanding and moments of pleasure. This person will make you question many of your principles.

If you're in a relationship, you will feel closer than ever to your other half. This newfound friendship will seal your romance and will become the base of your long-lasting relationship.

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You should listen to the honest and selfless advice of your closest relatives such as your parents. You will be able to turn your obligations into funny activities.

However, some Sagittarius won't have all the independence they need and will try to correct this situation that prevents them from improving their performance at work.

Maybe your freedom and responsibility will depend on your contact with suppliers and clients. If this is your case, you should aim your efforts to the proper management of the business.


Today is one of these days when getting up from bed will be a challenge. Don't worry, you won't feel bad at all. Your body has just decided that it needs more time to rest before dealing with your day-to-day routine.

Maybe this sudden laziness is caused by a fear that you don't want to face. Or maybe you just need some extra energy. If your problem is the second one, changing your diet can help you improve your situation.

Feeling lazy and a bit down can also make you feel more emotional than usual. If you feel more susceptible than usual, be careful when talking to others because you could misinterpret their words or actions.

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