Sagittarius Horoscope Monday 2020

You will have to be very clear when speaking – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, July 6, 2020

Make inner peace your priority and you will be doing your health a great favour


Today’s prediction for Sagittariuslove life reveals that your primary instincts might come to the surface. This includes sexuality as well as a sense of belonging and depending on others.

There’s the possibility that emotions and feelings arise during the day. This will help you create a stronger bond with your partner.

You may feel that your past is coming to your present today, especially if you’re single. Maybe you will meet an ex-lover or you will receive news from them.

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The Stars reveal that it will be a lucky day for those Sagittarius who want to travel, move, or learn new skills in order to build their career. Anything that involves learning will benefit you today.

You’re very likely to finish an important project you’ve been working on for a long time – many months, maybe. This will be very positive for you because for now, your economy is not exactly balanced.

If you feel the need for a change at work – maybe working for a different department, or a rise, or changing jobs in general – you’d better wait before you ask for it. It’s not the right time to ask for these things.

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You need to know that Mars in Aries will help you feel in excellent shape. Doing sport is the perfect way to recover, lose some weight, or add some muscle. You choose your goals.

If you have some discomfort, you will feel better soon or you will find a good remedy. Walking outdoors tends to be the best cure for most of your problems. You need to stay away from your routine.

Finding peace again will be your priority today. Everything you do that gets you closer to a state of peace will benefit your health too.