You will move on in your love life – Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, January 6, 2021

You will make risky decisions in every area of your life today


Today's love prediction says that some natives of Sagittarius who have decided to move in with their partner will have to think about the furniture they want in their new house. However, this will be a difficult task because of the influence of Neptune.

If you have children, you will have to deal with a difficult situation with one of them today. It will be a situation that will last long in time. Even if you don't seem to see the solution yet, don't worry because there will be one.

If you're single, you will have the opportunity of experiencing overwhelmingly passionate situations. Your adventurous nature will let you live spontaneous relationships  that will match your nature.

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You will rebel against any kind of frustration at work. You will probably consider looking for a better job and you will use your common sense to make risky decisions.

You will be more optimistic and you will force yourself to bring out your potential at work. That's why you will have to deal with everything you have achieved up to the moment and you will eventually bring closure to the professional relationsihps that won't offer anything positive to your future.

But Jupiter in your sign could make you ignore the way some things are and you may make some decisions without thinking carefully. However, you will stay away from those who might bring you problems – especially if you've been through an oppressive situation at work.


Seems don't seem to go as well as you expected for your health. Don't get frustrated, though. Take the lead and stop adding problems to your situation!

You should count on the support of your loved ones and the advice of those with more experience who have been through your same experience. This advice will help you.

Sagittarius, the good news is that you're more awaken and conscious than before. You will be able to learn very quickly and make good use of your courage and creative spirit.

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