Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday

Your love life will be open to new opportunities – Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, February 6, 2021

You will prioritize your love life and you will live it with great intensity


Cupid will be by your side today and will bring certain people in your life who have the same wish to share without feeling oppressed, Sagittarius. Many natives will begin a love story during this second month of the year.

Similarly, those who already are in a stable relationship will gain more understanding. Your intimate life will be fulfilling. The only problem you will have to sort today will be understanding your elders.

Are you a single native? Then your situation could change during this time. The Stars will bring you plenty of opportunities to connect with someone else.

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The Stars will particularly benefit those natives who are their own bosses or who work on sales. The Stars will favour successful transactions in any deal or business you start today. This will give you great material rewards.

If you're working for someone else, you won't be that lucky today. Your motivation and determination are strong but you need to wait for better times in order to get the recognition you deserve.

Be careful when spending money. You don't have to be extremely frugal but you shouldn't splurge either. It can be a good day when it comes to your finances. Maybe you won't receive much money today but you won't have great expenses either.


You should try to avoid excesses today. Don't overeat, don't drink too much, and try to rest as much as your body needs at the end of the day.

Your liver is your most vulnerable organ, Sagittarius, so pay special attention to it today. Try to eat healthily and sleep well in order to give it a rest.

You will benefit from going on a long walk outdoors. Be in contact with nature as much as you can.  It shouldn't be difficult to schedule some time outdoors and you will soon start seeing the benefits on your body – it will help you feel better if you're experiencing physical discomfort.

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