Sagittarius Horoscope Monday 2020

Get ready to experience great satisfaction – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, October 5, 2020

It's time you start receiving positivity from all the areas in your life, just trust the universe and open to abundance



Love will be a very exciting and interesting subject for the natives of Sagittarius today. You will enjoy romance and there’s even the possibility of pregnancy if your goal is expanding the family!

You will make decisions regarding what you really want in bed with your partner. It’s time to ask, enjoy, and stop depriving yourself from the things you want. But remember that you can ask what you want but not demand.

The Sun in Libra favours any suggestion you tell your lover or partner. Your libido is very healthy and this is probably the highlight of your relationships today.

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The power of your eleventh house of the Zodiac means that the parents, parent-figures, and superiors in general are having a good financial month. This will definitely have a positive effect on you whether you receive part of this wealth or you just receive their good mood.

It’s still a good time to expand your knowledge in the field of technology, regardless of the job you have right now. The more prepared you are, the better things will be in the future for you, Sagittarius.

Remember that learning and studying things will never be a waste of time and money. On the contrary, it can take you somewhere better.

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It’s time to think about your diet. Are you eating healthy enough? Is there anything you should cut down on? Restricting your sugar intake and exercising the right amount of time can help you stay healthy but you need to be very organized.

What’s more, if you suffer from any chronic problem such as rheumatism, gout, or even irregularities such as flatulence can get worse if you aren’t careful with your diet.

The first thing you need to do is to organize your week. Plan your menu carefully and prepare some meals ahead. Rushing in the kitchen or choosing to eat out because you’re out of time won’t benefit you at all.

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