Sagittarius Horoscope Sunday 2020

You will have to prepare for rejection – Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, July 5, 2020

If you put your creativity to work, you will find many opportunities to let your talent shine


Sagittarius, you need to know that you’d better stop trying to seduce that person who doesn’t seem to have the same feelings for you. You may have been a bit obsessed with this person and you’re at risk of looking ridiculous.

Listen to your loved ones and accept their suggestions. You know they only want the best for you. Your general mood will be calm and quiet but other people might be putting your patience to the test.

Whether you’re single or taken, you will feel change is in the air. You will make the most of every opportunity to stir up the way you perceive reality.

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You will have to be careful with your expenses because you will earn less than usual. You need to get ready to deal with constructive criticism at work.

On the other hand, those Sagittarius who work backstage will earn extra money that will be very convenient this month. If you make an effort and you put your creativity to work, you will find many opportunities to let your talent shine.

If you’re a freelancer, you could try to approach your work in a more conservative way. It will help you stay in balance during these times of general uncertainty. Don’t take unnecessary risks.


You will have to be careful with problems in your respiratory system. Try not to go anywhere with high levels of air pollution. If you’re diabetic, you need to follow your doctor’s instructions painstakingly in order to avoid complications.

If you’re getting along in years, you may want to control that persistent health problem. Don’t overlook any existing symptoms that can make you worry.

Remember that you need to focus on the solution. This way, you will avoid excess worries and you will be able to make the right decision every time.