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Your personal relationships will be renewed – Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, December 5, 2020

Don't be too impatient if there is a delay in your finances or your job, every situation has its perks


Sagittarius, it’s a moment when your personal relationships will go through a renovation. This will go together with an inner change and  new way of feeling well with yourself. At the same time, this will bring you closer to true love.

At the same time, new people will arrive in your life. They will become very important to you and certain energies could make you feel that you were destined to meet each other. Don’t hesitate and immerse yourself in such experience!

Loves from the past will come back and some people will enter and leave your life. This might be a bit difficult to process at first. The most important thing you need to do during this cycle is learning about who makes you really happy.

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You will put a lot of effort and hard work on  your economy. You need to be extremely patient because some payments could be delayed. Also, if you’ve started legal processes connected to your finances, you can also expect them to slow down.

You will have to deal with certain financial responsibilities. However, if you make an effort, you could take advantage of these slow financial opportunities. You can analyse the current situation and see if you should receive further education so that you can make more money in your position.

Jupiter could make you achieve certain goals in the area of economy but they may not be as great as you expected.


Today’s goal will be not letting your concerns take over your mind and body. This could weaken your defences and too much tension may affect your legs and bones.

If you have physical problems, remember that there are alternative healing therapies you can try apart from the advice of your doctor – and never as a replacement!

You’re going through a process that could make you feel confused. This can lead to you feeling a bit scared and anxious at some point and it may translate to inflammation of the body. However, remember that this process of change will benefit you so try to focus on the result, Sagittarius.

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