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Your intelligence will be your best quality – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, April 5, 2021

Your intelligence will help you make the right decisions in every challenge you'll face today


The Stars favour those Sagittarius who have just started a relationship. This doesn't mean that those who are in a long-term relationship won't have a beautiful day. You all can expect plenty of pleasant moments with your partner.

Of course, you will have to be careful when talking to your partner. Don't let a silly argument fueled by your pride weaken the bond that exists between you two.

Be the intelligent one in the relationship: talk less and hear more. This is the best way to really understand your partner's motivations and points. This will also apply to those Sagittarius who are single – you don't want to ruin the relationship with that special person you've met recently.

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You will be very hard working today and you should take advantage of the positive circumstances you will encounter. You will make the most of every opportunity today.

Ignore provocations and cruel criticism. Things may not be very easy right now but you will easily find stability.

Make sure you consolidate the things you already have before starting new projects. You'd better secure your current job so that you can choose carefully later.


The Stars will help the natives of Sagittarius in their recovery. Your immune system will become stronger again and moving and exercising will help you. Try swimming, going for a brisk walk, or just staying outdoors any little change will make a difference for your health.

The important thing right now is to get vitamins. You will get them by eating vegetables and sunbathing a little bit every day. Of course, don't forget that optimism is the best way to achieve well-being.

This will be a positive day for you, Sagittarius. Even if you have been feeling weaker lately you'll feel better today.

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