Sagittarius Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Your fear of commitment will push love away from you – Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A workmate will give you their full support and you will make progress together


Some Sagittarius will see how that friend from their childhood suddenly becomes a love interest. Some other natives will be surprised by unlimited passion.

Sagittarius, you should check your fear of emotional commitment. If you find the way to get over this limitation, you will have the key to happiness.

A native of Gemini will help their loved one from the spiral of problems that were suffocating them. If there is a Pisces in your life, they will be able to seduce you and you will give in since freedom is not your priority anymore.

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Today’s prediction for work reveals that you’re surrounded by a very relaxed atmosphere. You’re interested in having harmonious relationships with your superiors and workmates. This will make you be more open to dialogue.

There could be some difficulty today because of jealousy and rivalry so remember to be alert to avoid possible problems.

Working together with someone close will help you achieve different levels of productivity. This person will also promote changes and will try to associate you with your projects. Sagittarius, this workmate will motivate you to work hard and progress.

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You will feel worried all the time today. You can’t seem to find the cause for this emotional state. Probably Mercury in transit in your twelfth house can generate fears that are difficult to explain.

Some Sagittarius will suffer from cramps today. Drinking lemon juice daily will correct this problem almost immediately – even if you keep drinking little sips during the day.

Moderate physical exercise will be the most effective way to combat it, though. It will also help free your mind from worries.