The Sagittarius sign with a purple background

You will meet someone but it won't be easy – Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, March 4, 2021

Sometimes the Universe gives you some obstacles for you to overcome but you don't always have to succeed to learn the lesson


Sagittarius, you might meet someone through a common friend. However, your friend could have feelings for this person too and this can cause conflict between you two.

You should learn how to deal with other people's emotions. Don't just follow this instinct that tells you to get what you want no matter what. In the end, this attitude can be harmful.

The planets will make you irresistible today but you need to be mature if you want to find someone who is honest in a relationship. Looks are not forever, but people's heart is.

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If you've started in a new job you may have a stressful day. You could be asked to deal with someone else's responsibility and this might make you feel uncomfortable.

The movement of the planets suggests that you can gain a good reputation in terms of punctuality and decision-making skills. The reputation you can gain can last in time and you could become an example for those who join the company.

You could have some problems if you need to convince your investors to put money in your business. A conversation with an old friend can give you tips on how to deal with this type of difficulty.


The planets are in a favourable position and this means that all the health problems or existing conditions you may have can be cured.

However, you still need to watch your cholesterol levels because eating fatty, spicy food isn't good for your health.

You will feel like doing some exercise and meditating today. If you also read spiritual books in order to release some stress, you will be taking care of both your physical and mental health.

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